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zenotel's spa offers a wealth of treatments and even includes a sauna, steam room, two massage rooms (one of which is for couples) and indoor ionized counter-current hydro pool.
in addition to all our invigorating activities, we create a distinct feeling of wellbeing through our wellness programs which enhance your metabolism, cleanse, detoxify, heighten mental wellness, awaken clarity, and give rise to inner peace.

our variety of treatments are so all-encompassing, you will definitely find exactly what you need at this moment in your life. whether you simply desire healing or an escape from the chaos of daily life, our wellness programs have something that is just right for you.

spa products
zenotel uses premium clé des champs organic cold pressed essential oils from france. we have over ten different oils to choose from and even boast our very own exclusive cedar scented oil created especially for us by clé des champs: esprit du liban.

massage therapies
zenotel's massages open the door to an enlightening wealth of health benefits. experience calm, relaxation, and well-being. set yourself free from tension and anxiety. enjoy improved blood circulation and better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. eliminate all waste by stimulating your lymphatic system. say goodbye to muscle cramps and stiffness. get relief from the pain of certain conditions such as arthritis and sciatica. our specialists can provide you with the guidance you need to find your best suited massage.

enhance your massage
transform your massage into an unparalleled experience by selecting some of our unique, signature customized enhancements. each enhancement maximizes the benefits of your massage so you can have a blissfully relaxing and revitalizing stay. try our mist heat pads to relax your muscles, our product line made with pure cold pressed organic essential oils, our herbal balls to polish your skin, our crystals to balance your energy, and much more. indulge in the ultimate zenotel experience!

relax massage (50 mins):
this incredible swedish massage is an ideal way to relax tired muscles and restore blood circulation, balance, and energy. relaxing has never been more gratifying.

elevate massage (40 mins):
this targeted massage is perfect for heavy legs since it helps ease water retention and varicose vein problems. you'll feel light on your toes and have a spring in your step!

detox massage (45 mins):
this special massage focuses on specific points to stimulate lymph circulation, easing fluid retention, and energizing the body function. it's a special touch of detox goodness.

dot.com massage (25 mins):
this quick yet effective back massage is absolutely ideal for relaxation and anti-fatigue and is excellent for insomnia and migraine. make your work induced tension disappear.

silhouette massage (45 mins):
this massage is ideal for reducing cellulite, tightening and smoothing the skin, and contouring the body. highlight your silhouette with a gentle touch.

grounding massage (40 mins):
this foot reflexology massage stimulates all reflex points to rebalance the glandular and nervous systems and liberate the feet from the accumulation of stressors. feel great from head to toe!

disconnect massage (60 mins):
available on saturdays only a special four hands massage done by 2 therapists, which increases flexibility and includes various stretching and massage techniques. disconnect and enjoy the moment.

release massage (75 mins):
a wondrously deep massage with stretching to relieve muscle pains. experience profound release!

glow massage (50 mins):
this pregnancy massage is ideal for every mother to be from 4 months onwards. it includes a relaxing massage for the back, neck, shoulders, hands, and legs with cream gently applied to the abdomen. this totally safe massage is the soft touch of comfort.

breathe massage (90 mins):
a unique combination of zenotel special treatments including herbal pouches, crystals, bamboo massage, and mini facial. this signature massage is not to be missed. breathe and feel the positive energy.

other spa delights

seasonal sensation
this mini facial treatment is personalized with special serums and creams specific to the season and your needs for maximum benefit. ask our spa specialists for more information about your customized facial.

steam room
the steam room is a wet heat therapy that makes you sweat in a good way! it enhances circulation, oxygenates your tissues, and aids in releasing toxins and detoxifying the body. heat activates the immune system; stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation by increasing the oxygen to the skin; relieves joint and muscular pain; clears the mind; and promotes healthy skin with a gorgeous glow. it even works like a charm for respiratory problems.

outdoor cold plunge
jump into our outdoor ice pool in winter and then jump in our warm waters for a therapeutic effect thus promoting circulation and strengthening the vascular system. rapidly moving from cold to hot also accelerates the body's natural cleansing processes and increases the detoxifying properties of the sauna and steam room.

the sauna is a dry heat therapy renowned for its ability to heal and purify. the mind slows, tension evaporates, and the body starts to detoxify as circulation increases and the immune system is stimulated. these are only some of the benefits. enhanced circulation and cleansing are maximized by spending less than ten minutes while longer periods release endorphins and relax the body for a naturally tranquilizing effect. sweating never felt so good!

perhaps nothing else has the power to evaporate tension like the ebbing and flowing waters of the jacuzzi. the jacuzzi's many benefits include muscle relaxation, enhanced circulation and digestion, improved skin tone, and better sleep patterns. the steady stream of bubbles make it impossible to leave the bath without feeling entirely relaxed.

hydrotherapy is an age-old form of healing and stress relief. it is based on three simple principles: heat, buoyancy and water movement, or hydro-massage. ask our spa specialists for more details about our various forms of hydrotherapy.

reiki & acupuncture
these wonderful and highly beneficial treatments are available on request. pre-booking is highly recommended given demand.

if you're feeling under the weather or are experiencing pain, we recommend reiki. reiki means "universal life force energy". it is a hands-on healing therapy that seeks to restore balance to the body's vital energy. reiki promotes deep relaxation, removes energy blockages, detoxifies the body, and increases overall well-being.

this ancient form of chinese tradition medicine works on acupoints and meridiens. thin needles are used in conjunction with heat and pressure to balance your life force energy flow and treat a wide range of specific ailments. pain free and effective, acupuncture is now popular the worldwide.

the spa will be open all year round from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

"the longest journey that a man must take is the eighteen inches between his head to his heart."

mother teresa

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